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Hamraaz is an Android application designed specifically for Indian military personnel. It provides salary information for the Indian Army as well as other relevant services and information. This app is available only to military personnel. In this article we will discuss about hamraaz payslip password.

The PDF file can also be downloaded to your device’s storage. Additionally, you will need to provide your PAN number and enrollment date, as well as your four-digit PAN number. When creating your password, make sure you capitalize the letters.

The employees can access their accounts to access data about their earnings, deductions, etc. You can also access it anywhere in India or abroad using your mobile phone or a PC/laptop. A download option is also provided for earnings statements and related documents issued by the Department of Income Tax (DIT). They are available online within just a few minutes after uploading them on the platform itself. You won’t miss this great opportunity, so sign up without further delay!

What is the army app payslip password?

It is widely looked after by many people to obtain the password for the Hamraaz army app payslips. PAN numbers are combined with the first four letters to create your password. For instance, the first four digits of your PAN number of EFGH can be used as a reminder for the last two digits of your Facebook password.

You can also find the hamraaz payslip password in the downloaded PDF file.  In our previous post, we discussed the Indian Army app Hamraaz, where army personnel can receive salary slips and other payslips.

What is Hamraaz App Payslip Password?

  • In Hamraaz Army App, you can view your salary slip only after entering the 8-digit password to open the PDF file.
  • Your PAN card initial number is the first four digits of the password for Pay Slip PDF, while the enrollment date is the second digit.
  • For example, you will have a password of ABCD0106 if you have ABCD in your PAN number and your joining date is 01 June.

Suppose There is a problem with the password that prevents you from opening your payment receipt file. It is password-protected, so it cannot be accessed without a password. Here are the steps you need to follow to retrieve your credentials.

  • To generate passwords, some combination is used. A password begins with four characters taken from a PAN number. The first four digits of this PAN number are EGQX, for example.
  • Your enrollment date will be the last four digits of the payment receipt password.
  • Enrolling in the east on 25 August will change your enrollment date to 2508.
  • We are now making the password that was used last time, EGQZ2508.

App Payslip Password Sign Up

  • Join our army by logging in or registering
  • The ARPAN PWD must key in their PAN number to verify the PAN.
  • If Humraaz App Open Password is unavailable, you can tap “Click to Generate OTP.”
  • On the front of your PAN card, print the ten-digit number of your PAN card.
  • Mobile numbers registered with your Indian Army Master must be used for this method.
  • Please make a copy of the OTP and enter it in the given field.
  • By completing these steps, you can check the information you promised using the app
  • Verify that you followed the tutorial correctly if you encounter any errors.
  • I would appreciate any comments if anything doesn’t work.



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