How to download the payslip in Hamraaz app?

Are you interested in opening and downloading your pay slip in the Hamraaz app? This is the right place for you. Please find our complete guide on how to download a hamraaz payslip here. We hope that this Hamraaz army app helps you in your work in a significant way.

Here you will find instructions on downloading the Hamraaz pay slips for 2022. It is straightforward to download the pay slip from the website. You can download the payslip from there. Here are the steps:

How to Download Payslip in Hamraaz App?

  • To download his salary slip, the soldier must download Hamraaz Army App to his phone.
  • After downloading the application, military personnel must register in Hamraaz.
  • Enter the PAN card number into the app.
  • The military personnel must then enter the captcha code provided. After that, click the submit button.
  • Indian Army Pay Slips can be downloaded by logging in to the Hamraaz Army app.
  • During hamraaz login, the employee code, month, and year must be entered.
  • Click the “MPS/Form 16” option after logging in.
  • All pay slip information will now be displayed on the soldier’s screen.
  • Downloading and storing the pay slip safely is possible.
  • In this way, you will be able to download payslips using the Hamraaz app.