Hamraaz App Download Latest Version (Updated) 2023

The Hamraaz app version for the soldiers. It has been developed by the Indian Government exclusively for Indian Army soldiers. This app version 7.1 requires users to view service information and pay information. The current version is available.

Further, to make life easier for Indian army professionals, Hamraaz was developed. This platform gives army officers information about appointments, promotions, and payments. The platform also allows individuals to download their pay slips.

Hamraaz Army App Features

Easy to Sign Up

In contrast to most Android apps, Army App Hamraaz  is easy to sign up for. It only takes a PAN number to sign up for the Indian Army. Usernames and passwords are sent by email to users. Sign-up for Hamraaz Army App is made with maximum security in mind.

Download Payslip

In India, army men are very often in need of their last month’s pay slip. It is sometimes needed for personal use and sometimes for paperwork. Moreover, you can only get a payslip by going to the office. Today, Army personnel have access to it at the tip of their fingers. With Hamraaz Army App for Android, you can view payslips for the latest and previous months. Additionally, With the help of a secret password, Army Man can log into the app and download it.


This app also has excellent security protection because India is extremely strict about security. Any attempt to break the security of this app will fail miserably. Meanwhile, it has almost double the security and is impossible to hack. Security features on the app also warn users of certain practices that could cause data leaks.

More Features

The App offers many different types of facilities to Indian soldiers, and we’ll discuss them.

  • The Hamraaz app allows Indian Army soldiers to check their salaries.
  • This app can help Indian Army soldiers if their salaries are low.
  • You can place Part II orders.
  • Indian Army soldiers can take postings.
  • To determine the discharge date.
  • The App allows you to update your mobile number.
  • It will enable you to update your email ID.
  • Complaints about service records are possible.
  • Learn about promotion/seniority opportunities.

Download Hamraaz App

Download Hamraaz App
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Hamraaz Army App Screenshots

hamraaz army app login
army app UI
payslip UI

Hamraaz Web Registration Process

You must fulfil the following requirements to register on the Hamraaz app:

  • Your PAN card must link to your phone number, and you must be a member of the Indian army forces.
  • Additionally, you must have accurate information about your employment and status.

For registration, follow the instructions here on the Hamraaz website:

  • Visit the official website for more information.
  • Go to the website and click “Sign up.”.
  • When registering, you must use capital letters for your PAN card number.
  • Enter the captcha code before you submit the form.
  • If you are an authentic user, you must enter your information and register.

How to log in to the Hamraaz app?

You can access your Hamraaz army app anytime after signing up.

  • Select Personal Login .
  • Passwords and usernames are always in all capital letters.
  • Log in by entering a captcha code and submitting your information.
  • You can access all the pertinent details, including your pay stubs, after logging into the app with your credentials.

How to update the Hamraaz Army App?

  • The Hamraaz Army App latest version is available from a website under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Enter “Hamraaz” in the search box, complete the Captcha challenge, and click “Download.”
  • To continue, click on the Download Button in the Download Popup.
  • If you select Download from the drop-down menu, you will start downloading Hamraaz Army.
  • Upon completion of the download, choose Open from the following menu. In contrast, it is downloaded immediately to your phone’s SD card.
  • Likewise, Check the “Security” section of your phone’s settings if you receive a notification that says “Unknown Sources.” Make sure unknown sources are turned on.
  • Install the app and register for an account after gaining access.

How to Download & SignUp in Hamraaz App

  • Click here to download Hamraaz App
  • Install & open the app on your Android smartphone
  • Login to Hamraaz’s web application.
  • Please enter your Aadhaar Card number.
  • Your Aadhar-linked mobile number will be sent an OTP.
  • Enter the Hamraaz App pay slip password of 8 digits now.
  • Please enter your Pan card number and date of birth.
  • For example, your password will be BNZP1111 if your pan card number is BNZPM2501F and your birthday is 11-11-11.
  • Whenever you log in to Hamraaz pdf, you enter this password.
  • The password format for payslips follows.
  • The Hamraaz app has now been registered successfully.

Benefits  of using the Hamraaz App

  • With Hamraaz, you can verify your income details without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • With Hamraaz, you can monitor job ads, promotions, income, allowances, and your firm number 16.
  • AFPP Subscription Changes, Monthly Pay Slips, and Individual-Specific Messages are available online.
  • Further, Hamraaz can help military organizations plan their operations.

Hamraaz App Customer Care Number

Please let us know if you have any problems with the hamraaz program 7.1 version.

Call +91 9560641424 or email [email protected] to reach hamraaz customer service.

How To Download Payslip in Hamraaz Army App: Set/Enter Pay Slip Password

  • The Hamraaz Payslip Password is necessary to access Hamraaz Payslips.
  • The pdf file opens after you enter your Payslip Password.
  • Your pdf password will be the first four digits of your PAN card and your date and month of birth (date of birth).

How To Recover Forgot Password – Hamraaz Login

  • Visit the official website if you forgot your password for the Hamraaz mobile app
  • The website’s home page has an option to forget your password.
  • Enter the PAN card number in capital letters next.
  • Afterwards, click the submit button to submit the captcha code number.
  • Further, You must enter your new password and click on the submit button.
  • By doing so, you will be able to retrieve your forgotten password.

Hamraaz App Conditions

It is not possible to use Hamraaz on an iPhone or Windows phone, but you can download it and use it on an Android device. In addition, the latest version of the app will be available as soon as it releases for Windows and iOS. However, there will be bug fixes for many problems with the software, such as 2.79, 3.6, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6.50, 6.51, and 6.52.

Meanwhile, this app will only be available to Indian army. Without Google Play, the only option for obtaining the app is to go to the Indian Government’s website. In addition, Hamraaz Web Login users can also access and download pay stubs by visiting Hamraaz


As a result, the Hamraaz Indian Army App might be valuable to Indian service members in such a scenario. To download Hamraaz App Version (APK File), click on the links above.

The Hamraaz mobile app contains all the necessary information. However, feel free to comment below if you have questions about downloading Hamraaz.

The app is available on the Hamraaz website. The information on your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and bank account should remain private.

Furthermore, our information comes from a news source and originates from information found on the internet. Install Hamraaz only after verifying all the information on your end.


Is the Hamraaz app safe?

In addition to being a completely safe app, Hamraaz was developed by the Indian Army.

Is it possible for members of the Indian armed forces to download the Humraaz army app?

Indian Army active-duty members only have access to this software.

What is the exact location of the Humraaz App application?

Humraj app is available on the organization’s website. The app is directly available from the page.directly from the page by clicking on the link.

What is the process for resetting Hamraaz Payslip Password?

You can reset Hamraaz Payslip’s password by visiting Hamraaz’s website or app. By clicking Forgot Password and entering your PAN number, you can reset your password.


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